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Embric of Wulfhammer’s Castle

Embric of Wulfhammer’s Castle is a “sprite opera” made by Saint Bomber in RPG Maker 2003.

— Original Version [2010] —

Download version 1.2.1 [Zip archive, 30.6M]

Download version 1.2.2 [Zip archive, 30.8M]

— Deluxe Version Public Beta [2012] —

Download “Spring Japes”/Sunglasses version 2.1.C.2 [Rar archive, 33.9M]

— Deluxe Version [2012] —

Download version 2.2.2 [Rar archive, 33.9M]

Download version 2.2.2 [Zip archive, 34.0M]

Download version 2.2.2 portable [7-Zip archive, 18.5M]

— Deluxe Version Notes —

The Rar archive is what was originally uploaded.

The Zip archive was uploaded later for those having trouble opening the Rar archive.

The 7-Zip archive is a repack I made which does not include RPG Maker’s confusing installer. It’s portable: just extract it and run RPG_RT.EXE to play.

Marquess of Notoriety

Marquess of Notoriety is the unfinished sequel to Embric of Wulfhammer’s Castle.

— Teaser [2012] —

Download the installer [Exe installer/archive, 111.5M]

Download the RPG Maker XP runtime files (required) [Exe installer, 21.9M]

— About —

These games were created by Saint Bomber with help from contributors. See the official site.

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